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Extra services

Authors wishing to order extra services can contact the project team or corresponding organizing committee and clarify the conditions at

  1. translation of papers from Russian / English into English / Russian;

  2. editing articles in Russian / English in accordance with the requirements (if the article is sent to a non-partner journal/collection of conference papers, detailed requirements of publishers are required);

  3. reviewing scientific materials and providing actual and original reviews on the official letterhead;

  4. search for co-authors and co-authorship of articles to be published in proceedings of the annual conferences or journals indexed by WoS/Scopus/RSCI database;

  5. examination of materials and plagiarism checks;

  6. organization of contests, competitions, webinars (topics, programme, technical feasibility and other conditions must be agreed in advance);

  7. organization of conferences of various levels on our database for your requests with publication in journals and proceedings indexed by Web of Science, Scopus, RSCI. We send detailed information on request by e-mail.

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