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Welcome to the collective monograph

Dear authors!

Unfortunately, we have to avoid holding conferences with the subsequent submission of papers to the Scopus and WoS databases for numerous reasons.

We are ready to offer a new format of cooperation, namely participation in a collective monograph, followed by its submission to the Scopus database (publication type: Book). Currently, there are no restrictions on the consideration of monographs by the database.

To date, our partners and colleagues have prepared a monograph for publication under the working title: "The additional vocational training system, taking into account the characteristics of the region." It is published and submitted for indexing in Scopus by a Russian publishing house, which solves the problem of translating material into English and transferring money into non-Russian bank accounts.

This project is planned to involve 6 authors, now 4 vacancies remain (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th authors), the cost for each author's vacancy is 50,000 Rub.

The publication of the monograph is planned for November-December 2022. Submission and indexing in Scopus is planned for March-April 2023.

Upon request (for a fee), 10 printed copies of the monograph will be sent to each author.

In October-November 2022 colleagues are also going to prepare several monographs by 10 authors, the cost of co-authorship is approximately 30,000 Rub.

We are also ready to offer publication and indexing in Scopus of other author's monographs.

Send requests to

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