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Webinar Additional education and distance training during COVID

Additional education and distance training during COVID, 28.10.2021 at 17.00 MSK

In the modern world, COVID has covered all places and has had a strong impact on education, in particular on the form of implementation, regardless of the level.

The webinar will consider the features of the teacher's professional activity in the conditions of modern information educational environment, new functions in solving professional problems, draw attention to the new additional training of a teacher, which is necessary to create the experience of students in an information educational environment, and to the peculiarities of interaction among students in the virtual environment.


On the event:

1. The webinar will be held on October 28, 2021, from 17.00 Moscow time on the ZOOM interactive platform. To participate, you must have a ZOOM account (, the profile must contain the full name (last name and first name or full name), a photo must be uploaded for presence without video.

2. A link to the event will be sent to registered participants by email. Participants who registered later than 1 hour before the start of the event can watch the live broadcast on the Youtube channel of the event, ask questions of interest in the chat, indicating their name and organization for identification. The link to the Youtube broadcast is below (for listeners who did not manage to register before the event).

3. Everyone who registered for the event through will receive a certificate of attendance at the event by mail after the end of the event. You can register before the end of the event, but an invitation link to join the live discussion can only be obtained with advance registration.

4. Participants will be able to both speak and participate in the discussion and just listen to interesting reports about the features of the professional activity of a foreign language teacher and students in modern information educational environment; online project activities, support for students in virtual interaction.

5. In parallel, speakers can participate in the competition of reports, receive a certificate of a participant or master class leader. A webinar participant certificate is issued to all registered and attended the event.

6. Webinar participants can also sign up for a professional development program on the subject of the event. With a group application of 4 people or more, a program can be organized exclusively according to the interests of the group. At the moment, the following are possible: 1) Foreign language (English) and intercultural communication in the modern online space, 2) Integral course of the Chinese language (initial level), 3. Digital technologies in teaching languages, cultures, subjects of socio-humanitarian and natural scientific cycles: theory and methodology of application in an educational institution (from 6-8 participants)

7. You can also read about contests on the contest page

SO, TO CONNECT TO THE WEBINAR, you need to take a few steps:

1. Apply for this event

2. A letter will be sent to your mail with a link to connect to the Zoom conference (if you are a listener, you can open video broadcasts, and comments can be left on the YouTube channel)

3. When joining a Zoom meeting, enter your name and ID from the leader-id platform

4. Done!

At the meeting, it is prohibited (leads to removal from the event and a complaint against the offender):

1. Insult other participants in any form, belittle their work

2. Express non-constructive criticism (recommendations, questions, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome!)

3. Display unethical or inappropriate content without the permission of the organizer

4. make noise and interrupt the performance of another participant (someone else's performance is sacred and continuous)


1. use headphones and a microphone (so that nothing and no one interferes with enjoying the process. When 2 participants speak from the 1st access point at once, it is recommended to isolate all noise)

2. check the equipment in advance

3. update Zoom

4. check the presence of all materials, charging, serviceability of the headset

5. ask questions in the chat or raise your hand (there is a button in the program) during a break and voice the question

6. We maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance

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