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We invite you to the conference "Law and the Information Society: Digital Approach" (LISID) November

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Law and the Information Society: Digital Approach" (LISID-21) on November 12, 2021 in a remote format on one of the electronic platforms (the name of the platform and the link for participation will be announced later).

Within the framework of the conference, work will be organized in the following areas:

1. Legal aspects of the digital society

  • Domestic and international law in a digital society

  • Digitalization of public procurement: goal setting, development, prospects

  • Protection against unfair competition and advertising in a digital society

  • Evolution of intellectual property law in the information society

  • Changing approaches to legal technology in the digital space

  • Law and digital medicine, digital education

  • Environmental law in the digital space

2. Sociocultural research and development of information and communication technologies in a digital society

  • Modern sociocultural research of the information society

  • Economic models and management of the information society

  • Security issues in the information society

  • Digital environment, information communication systems and media culture in the information age

  • Development of methods to stimulate innovation and investment activities of the city

  • Automation, informatization and management in the information society.

Official languages of the conference: English, Italian, Russian

Conference results will form an English-language special issue of the international conference journal SHS Web of Conferences, sent for indexing into the foreign scientific base CPCI WoS, GoogleScholar.

Participation in the conference:

1. Online presentation with a report and subsequent publication of the article (in the journal indexed by WoS);

2. Absentee participation (without making a presentation) with the subsequent publication of the article (in the journal indexed by WoS).

Important dates and dates:

1. Registration (filing an application with a topic) for participation in the conference - until October 25, 2021.

2. Submission of articles (Web of Science) - until December 15, 2021 (in 3 stages: until October 25, 2021, until November 22, 2021, until December 15, 2021 with a change in cost (see the Cost section))

Attention: the decision to accept an article for publication is made after internal and external reviewing. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject materials that formally or substantively do not correspond to the theme of the conference and the requirements for the articles.

3. Notification of acceptance of the article and payment (Web of Science) - after the article is accepted for publication.

4. Terms of publication of materials: WoS - first quarter of 2022 (at the request of authors who submitted articles by December 01, 2021, after reviewing the material, a certificate of acceptance of the article for publication in 2021 is issued).

5. Terms of indexing: WoS - from 8 to 24 months from the date of publication. Please note that indexing and its timing depend solely on the representatives of the scientometric apparatus of the WoS platform and are outside the responsibility of the Conference Organizing Committee.

The rules for accepting articles, requirements for their design are posted on the official website of the conference at the link

Organizing Committee contacts:

· - accepting applications and questions related to participation in the conference.

· - accepting applications and materials for publication in the international journal, as well as for questions related to the translation and formatting of articles in the international journal.

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