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Humanitarian conference session-2021 ended

The year 2021 did not differ much from the year 2020 in health and well-being, so the planned scientific and scientific-practical events were also held in a virtual format on the ZOOM platform.

On May 25-28, 2021, the reports of the humanitarian conference were presented: "Current issues of linguistics and didactics: An interdisciplinary approach in the humanities and social sciences" (CILD'21) and on October 6, 2021 "Identity and society in the modern geopolitical space" (ISMGE'21).

These conferences have been held for several years. The sections combined reports on culture, ethics, law, city ecology, communication and the economic component of the urban environment, as well as psychology and education.

An active discussion of the presented reports revealed mutual interest for researchers from different organizations and contributed to the creation of research teams directly during the conference.


We are glad that our events have contributed to the strengthening of cooperation between Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions for several years; professional development, wide exchange of scientific results and practical experience; finding innovative ways to integrate scientific knowledge and practice.

We take this opportunity to invite colleagues to take part in the autumn creative contests and webinars, as well as conferences on digital aspects and technologies and materials in production. Detailed information about scheduled conferences can be obtained at or at the addresses indicated on the event pages.


Participants of the scientific and methodological session can also apply for participation in the advanced training program (details are

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